Why Map Tours

Quality and Service

At Map Tours, quality and service go hand-in-hand. We do our utmost to ensure that these two hallmarks are met by us and our specially selected partners every step of your journey. To help us provide continued quality and service, we closely monitor client satisfaction and are consistently seeking new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff

since we began Map Tours eight years ago, we’ve given thousands of clients a memorable travel experience. That’s down to the quality of our people. All Map Tours staff members, whether travel consultants, drivers, guides, etc., have extensive and firsthand knowledge of the region and are passionate about what they do.


Local expertise

it is important to us that you have a memorable and authentic experience. In line with the expectations we have for our staff, we hand-pick local providers that are friendly, helpful, and have local knowledge of the region. Together we strive to create exceptional holiday memories.


Save time, money, and hassle

Designing and organizing your holiday can be a stressful experience. Let us do the work for you. By choosing Map Tours, not only do you decrease the stress, you save both time and money booking directly with a local agency and cutting out the middleman. You can sit back, relax, and leave it up to us!


Tailor-made holidays

Designed with you in mind, our packages can be tweaked, modified, or completely customized to suit your needs.  We have the expertise and the contacts to create your dream holiday. Why not contact us with your ideas? We can make it happen.



Map Tours aggressively focuses on ensuring that our fares and prices are competitive in order to provide our clients the lowest possible fare for any city around the world.



Map Tours its affiliates have provided discounted airline fares along with other services from a wide variety of international airlines.


You’re in good hands

whilst on your journey, you will find that we are never far away. There is always someone on call to handle any unforeseen situations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some tours are provided with a mobile telephone and our vast network ensures that assistance is always near at hand.


A personal touch

from first contact, through the duration of your stay, and until you are safely home again, we are with you. You will know your personal travel consultant both by name and by face, as we make it a practice to greet our clients personally and go through the entire trip.


On touch

Map Tours will give you full support to see your booking and actions details every time after 24hrs from your online booking.


No Surprise

No surprise with any offer or booking all will be clear from A-Z and we’ll advise you about the negative before the positives.